"Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things"
Congratulations on stupendous success in IIT JEE     Congratulations to Mr. V. K. Shunglu - Chairman DPS Society and Managing Committee, DPS Hapur on being conferred the *Padma Bhushan*"


  1. Transport facility is provided for the convenience of the students, although it is not an obligatory service of the school.
  2. Students must report at the scheduled stop 5 minutes before the bus arrival time.
  3. Students travelling by the school bus should always be in proper school uniform with school ID card otherwise they will not be allowed to board the bus.
  4. Buses will be available only on the routes and at stops fixed by the school and any request for new stops will not be entertained. However, the school reserves the right to make any change if found inevitable.
  5. No student will be allowed to board a bus other than the one allotted, unless he/she has written permission from the school authorities.
  6. Applications for school transport, transport cancellation, change of bus stops, change of bus route etc. should be submitted to school Transport Incharge one month in advance.
  7. If a student wants to get down at a different bus stop, he/she should submit a request signed by the parent to the Principal/Transport Office and obtain special permission for the same.
  8. The bus facility will be cancelled for those students who damage any bus fittings or indulge in acts of misbehavior/indiscipline in the bus.
  9. In case of misbehavior in the bus, the teacher/driver is authorized to take immediate necessary steps and report the matter to the Principal/Transport Incharge for further actions, if necessary. Such a student will be taken off the bus.
  10. Eating, drinking or playing any game in the bus is strictly forbidden.
  11. The school buses are fitted with a speed governor. There is a fully equipped first aid box in every bus. As you are aware the school will take every precaution for the safety of the children, however, the school is not responsible for situations beyond its control.
  12. Whenever there is an after school bus route, the buses will cover only a few common stops on the main roads in that area. The regular route will not ply on such occasions.
  13. Parents are requested to forward all requests regarding transport to the Transport Incharge. All requests may not be accepted.
  14. Please note that the Transport Incharge is handling over 1500 students and is not always available to speak to parents. Please ensure that you call only in case of an emergency.
  15. Parents of children from classes Nur to V should come/send a responsible person to receive their ward from the bus stop failing which the child will be brought back to school.
  16. Please ensure that, under no circumstances, any parent boards the bus to discuss problem of their ward. In case any issue is to be discussed, please meet with the school authorities.
  17. We will not handover the children to strangers.